Thursday, November 09, 2006

Why Saint Martin's Armory

Saint Martin's Armoury
702 W. Main St.
Crawfordsville, IN 47933

Thank you for visiting Saint Martin’s Armory. You may or may not know that Saint Martin is the patron Saint for all soldiers. He is known for cutting up his cloak to cloth the poor who were cold or had no clothing. We like Saint Martin saw and feel the need of many who have taken up the noble past time of competing in armored combat. While we are no Saints we do wish to help those who are in need of quality equipment and dependable service.

The main reasons we formed Saint Martin's Armoury is that we are tired of people being stolen from. We are 100% reliable. We will never take pre-orders; it is always cash and carry. If it is not in stock then we will not take your money. You buy a product it goes into a box sent to your house or business the next day. No broken promises or excuses that the armor will be finished next week, month, year or never. It is a real simple business concept; you get what you paid for, end of story.

It is our desire to see historically accurate armor that also takes into effect reduction of time in maintenance as well as being lightweight and protective. We do not and will not do custom work. However we will provide you with a high quality piece of armor that will measure up to most standards. When you purchase an item we promise to send you emails with tracking numbers letting you know when your products have shipped. If you call or make an inquiry you receive a return call or message out of general respect. In short Saint Martin's Armory is run by professional business people with over 20 years of business experience.

-George Sartiano and Scott Frappier
a.k.a. in the SCA as Duke Alaric Sartiano von Drachenklaue and Duke Felix of Ramsey